Mixed-Faith Marriage Retreat (Salt Lake City): 4/12/19 – 4/13/19

We are super excited to announce that Dr. Julie de Azevedo-Hanks (active Mormon) and Dr. John Dehlin (post-Mormon) are reuniting for another Mixed Faith Marriage Retreat!

WHO: Mixed Faith Couples

WHERE: Salt Lake City Area (we will send venue address to all registered participants)

WHEN:  Friday, April 12th – Saturday, April 13th

COST: $399 per couple.

AGENDA: The main topics for this retreat will include:

  1. Understanding Emotional Intimacy
  2. Attachment Styles
  3. Cycle of Disconnection
  4. Navigating and Negotiating Conflict
  5. Raising Children in a Mixed Faith Marriage
  6. Communicating with Extended Family
  7. Building Common Values
  8. Finding Community/Support

TO REGISTER: Click here

SCHOLARSHIPS: If you can’t afford the registration cost and need of a scholarship, please fill out our scholarship application form here and we will do all we can to help you and your partner attend.

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