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  1. I’m on part three of the series family ties. My husband and I have a similar story of he had his doubts first. Then I followed later after he went through it all in secret For about 15 years. But, I went to school with Doug’s brother Joe. ( I’m pretty sure it is him, because you (doug] said your last name in part three)He was one of my good friends. He was a great guy. I remember going to his homecoming. I had a big crush on him. I had no idea that he was questioning the church in high school. So, this podcast story just became personal to me. I was Facebook friends with Joe but latter I defriended him because I didn’t like the language he was using. I wish I hadn’t of done that. Because he was such a good friend to me. Anyways, if this comment gets back to Doug would you tell Joe hi form me. My name is LisaT. Thanks. Your story has helped me on my faith crisis journey to know that here is just one more family that has gone through what mine and my husbands is going through now. And that everything will be ok. Thanks

  2. wow these couples sound just like my story. I wish this interview series was on Youtube. Everything from how they grew up to their being 40 years old and 20 years all-in as married couples to not knowing Joseph Smith was a polygamous etc. My story. This is a great interview!

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