Experiencing a Mormon faith crisis can be highly disruptive to individual, familial, and social well-being. Unfortunately, many individuals, marriages, and families can be negatively impacted by this process. In addition, many progressive and post-Mormons struggle to rebuild a life of joy, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and community after a faith crisis. They feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Paralyzed. Or even, permanently scarred.

The Good News?

A Mormon Faith Crisis can actually be one of the greatest gifts of your lifetime – helping to:

  • Improve your overall mental and physical health.
  • Strengthen/deepen your family relationships.
  • Improve your marriage or your relationship with a significant other.
  • Find more meaningful and fulfilling friendships and community.
  • Improve your parenting effectiveness (for current and/or future children).
  • Develop a more authentic connection with yourself and your life.

Our Team

John, Margi, and Natasha have been supporting Mormons in faith crisis for almost two decades.

  • John Dehlin has a Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, with clinical and research interests centering on the navigation of religious faith crises.
  • Margi Dehlin is a Certified Life Coach, with an emphasis on providing healing and support for people experiencing a life transition.
  • Natasha Helfer Parker is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist with 20 years experience counseling individuals, couples, and families.

The Need

Over the past several years as therapists/coaches/spouses/parents, we have realized a few things:

  • Our interventions/tools are effective: The interventions that we have been using in individual coaching/therapy sessions, and at workshops and retreats for the past several years could benefit far more people than those able to physically access these resources.
  • Where’s the podcast and the book?: A weekly podcast and book on “How to Navigate a Mormon Faith Crisis” desperately needs to be provided for those in crisis.
  • Everyone needs community: While coaches/therapists and tools are useful, what Mormons in faith crisis perhaps need most is a private community of support comprised of others in a similar situation. Perhaps most important of all, we witness an incredible amount of collective wisdom within the progressive and post-Mormon community and are eager to partner with like-minded people to provide resources and solutions to those in need.
  • Individual coaching is not affordable for all: Individual coaching fees (up to $250/hour) can be far too expensive for many in need.
  • Expert coaches and therapists have long waiting lists: The demand for qualified, expert coaching and therapist support exceeds the current supply.

What We Are Offering

Consequently, we are seeking a small group of passionate, committed progressive and post-Mormons to join us in this project. Our hope is to collectively create the following:

  • Podcast: A free weekly podcast to provide positive, practical, and personal tips for navigating a Mormon faith crisis. Podcast episodes might include discussions of topics, interviews with experts, interviews with audience members, and audience-driven Q&A discussions.
John and Margi Dehlin
Natasha Helfer Parker
John Dehlin, Ph.D.

John Dehlin has a Ph.D. in clinical/counseling psychology from Utah State University.  He is the founder of Mormon Stories podcast, and CEO of the Open Stories Foundation.  John’s research and coaching interests center around the nexus of religion and mental health.  He specializes in the following areas:

  • Navigating a religious faith crisis.
  • Navigating marriage during a religious faith crisis.
  • Mixed-faith marriages.
  • Managing mental health during and after a faith crisis.
  • Scrupulosity (religious OCD).
  • LGBT issues.

John’s research publications can be found here.

John’s private practice can be found here.

Margi Dehlin

Margi Dehlin is beginning a life coaching practice after years of participating in private events and couples sessions in partnership with John. She specializes in faith crisis work for the individual, along with marital and family relationships. Margi has a background in personal training and enjoys talking about health and well-being, organization, and lifestyle management. She is currently working on a life coaching certification program through Life Purpose Institute, an accredited coaching program.

Margi’s blog and coaching practice can be found here.

Natasha Helfer, LCMFT, CST, CSTS

Natasha Helfer Parker is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist with 20 years experience counseling individuals, couples, and families.  She specializes in, working with those who come from Mormon or other religious backgrounds. Areas of expertise includes working within the intersections of faith, life transitions and sexuality.

Natasha’s private practice can be found here.