John Dehlin has a Ph.D. in clinical/counseling psychology from Utah State University.  He is the founder of Mormon Stories podcast, and CEO of the Open Stories Foundation.  John’s research and coaching interests center around the nexus of religion and mental health.  He specializes in the following areas:

  • Navigating a religious faith crisis.
  • Navigating marriage during a religious faith crisis.
  • Mixed-faith marriages.
  • Managing mental health during and after a faith crisis.
  • Scrupulosity (religious OCD).
  • LGBT issues.

John’s private practice can be found here.

John’s research publications can be found here.

Margi Dehlin is beginning a life coaching practice after years of participating in private events and couples sessions in partnership with John. She specializes in faith crisis work for the individual, along with marital and family relationships. Margi has a background in personal training and enjoys talking about health and well-being, organization, and lifestyle management. She is currently working on a life coaching certification program through Life Purpose Institute, an accredited coaching program.

Margi’s blog and coaching practice can be found here.

In an effort to provide additional support to Mormons struggling with the difficulties of a faith crisis, at a more affordable price, I am partnering with Margi Dehlin (certified life coach) to launch an online faith crisis coaching group.  During my Ph.D. training, I received 6 years of training in co-leading therapy and support groups, and have found them to often be more effective than one-on-one therapy and/or coaching.

The topics that will be covered in the group include:

  • Navigating a Mormon faith crisis.
  • Effective parenting during and after a faith crisis.
  • Healthy marriage/relationships during and after a faith crisis.
  • Communicating with believing family and friends.
  • Positive mental health during and after a faith crisis.
  • Rebuilding your identity/life after a faith crisis.
  • Processing grief during and after a faith crisis.
  • Healthy sexuality during and after a faith crisis.

These groups are for couples AND individuals.  Married or single.  All ages.

The benefits of the online group include:

  • Two Coaches: Margi and I working together as a coaching team.
  • Convenient: Because the coaching group is online, you never have to leave your house.
  • Confidential: Group coaching is completely confidential – all participants will sign a non-disclosure form.
  • More Effective: Group coaching and/or therapy are often more effective than 1-on-1 coaching/therapy, because you get the added benefit of:
    • Speaking with and learning from others in your similar situation (e.g., support, friendship, community)
    • Using the group as a sounding board
    • Receiving support and motivation from other group members
    • Allowing you and other group members to model/practice the concepts and skills learned in the group
  • More coaching time: The online group coaching sessions will be 1.5 hours/week, instead of 1 hour.
  • More affordable: Online group coaching is significantly more affordable than 1-on-1 coaching.  One month of group coaching costs the same as an hour of individual coaching, and you get 6 hours of group coaching each month.
  • Facebook Support Group: Free admission to a secret Facebook support group for group members, where folks can share their experiences and support each other in a safe environment.

Available Slots: We plan to start the first group with 20 people, so slots will be limited.

Cost: The initial cost of joining our Faith Crisis Coaching Group is:

  • $200/individual/month
  • $325/couple/month

If you are interested in joining the Faith Crisis Coaching Group, please complete this form.  You can also message us at with any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

John and Margi Dehlin