In a 2-part episode recorded on March 19, 2019, Dr. John Dehlin, Margi Weber Dehlin, and Natasha Helfer Parker discuss the topic of “Communicating with the Church Leadership, Ward Members, and Neighbors During and After a Mormon Faith Crisis.” We integrated comments from the community, along with your questions and comments. Some of the subtopics in Part 1 and 2 will include:

  • The “private” approach.
  • The direct approach.
  • How to handle callings.
  • How to set appropriate and firm boundaries.
  • How to communicate with ward and stake members when you run into them after you no longer attend.
  • What to do when you’ve been made a “project” at ward council.

On April 2, 2019, we continued our discussion around “Communicating with Church Leadership, Ward Members, Neighbors After a Mormon Faith Crisis.” Topics for Parts 3 and 4 include:

  • How to handle Home/Visiting teachers and the new “Ministering” program.
  • How to handle being discussed/gossiped about in ward council
  • How to set boundaries with church leaders and ward members
  • How to speak with church leaders and ward members once you’ve stopped attending
  • And much, much more!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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