In Part 1 of this episode on the most common causes of a Mormon faith crisis, Dr. John Dehlin, Margi Weber Dehlin, and Natasha Helfer Parker discuss the most common causes of a Mormon Faith Crisis.

  • People for whom the church never really resonated, or ceased to resonate.
  • Exposure to healthy/happy non-Mormons.
  • Those who don’t fit within mainstream Mormon culture, including feminists, LGBTQ individuals, intellectuals, people of color, millennials, singles, divorced, mixed-faith families, and political liberals.

In Part 2 of this episode we cover:

  • Those who develop sympathies for a discriminated minority group, usually close friend or family member.
  • Those who experience some sort of abuse in a church context.
  • Those who are exposed to historical or doctrinal problems that challenge the church’s truth claims.

To conclude this episode, we discuss a few other factors that can impact a faith crisis, including:

  • The “privilege” of going through a faith crisis.
  • Family factors
    • Are you multi-generational Mormon from pioneer stock?
    • Do you have parents, a spouse, or children who are orthodox?
    • Do you depend on church attendance for your friends and community?
    • Personality factors (Are you a believing personality?  Do you value validity or utility more?  Are you introverted vs. extroverted?)
    • What is your age?  (Younger are more likely to leave)
    • Is your job dependent on church or church community?
    • To what extent have you been conditioned by fear?

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Part 2:

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